All about the Canadian Courts Motel!

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The Canadian Courts Motel began with the single property directly behind the existing motel on Hiway 60/83, or second street, in July, 1995.We began by tearing out all existing plumbing and electrical and replaced with new wiring and water lines, then completely renovated the rooms with new fixtures and furniture. We have completed the second renovation of that property today. The rooms are very spacious and modern.

The next phase will include mini kitchens with microwave and refrigerators at a later date.We also renovated the courtyard and landscaped with oak trees, ground cover and mums to bloom from spring until fall. The area is secluded to the street, with eleven rooms that open into the secluded courtyard area.

In 2001, we purchased the old Vic Mon motel property that was an existing motel fronting Hiway 60/83 directly adjacent to the Courtyard motel, that currently houses the Canadian Courts Motel, Railhead Club and Restaurant and Conference Center. The old property was vacant and deteriorating and was an eyesore. We began by tearing out all existing walls, plumbing and electrical, down to the studs and concrete and totally rebuilt the motel from the ground up into what you see today. We utilized the existing structures and renovated the conference center from the old restaurant and lobby and built the new Railhead Club and Restaurant and connected the two structures together to the motel. We opened the newly renovated motel in stages, with the first phase opening in the Spring of 2002, phase two in the Fall of 2003, phase three in the Spring of 200 and the final phase, being the Conference Center and Railhead Club and Restaurant in the Fall of 2004.

Architecture of the motel is taken from the historical properties of the Sante Fe railroad, that housed a Railroad Depot, Harvey House and Sante Fe Room, all of which were torn down by the railroad companies several years ago when they were consolidating operations and reducing liabilities in rural areas. You can see the evidence of those structures, particularly in the Railhead Club and Restaurant, which provides dining experiences in replicas of dining cars constructed in the restaurant.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us at the Canadian Courts Motel. We have provided bedding, linens, towels, pillows and all amenities for your comfort and we strive to provide you a comfortable place to stay while you are in our fine city.