Welcome to The Railhead Grill!

We are located at 220 N. 2nd St. Our restaurant is a family oriented place with an inviting atmosphere and friendly staff.

You will be greeted at the door with friendly smiles and will have the option of sitting in our spacious booths or at a table for two, whichever you prefer.

You could also choose to sit in one of our outside seating areas on our balconies located on either side of our restaurant.

The Railhead Club is a private club located in The Railhead Grill
that serves the coldest beer in town or your favorite alcoholic beverage in
a family atmoshphere. We serve the best steaks, seafood, burgers,
sandwiches, chicken fried steak or fresh zucchini and mushrooms or other
starter samples that you have ever put in your mouth. Our bar set was built
in the 1860's by the Brunwick family and was previously owned by the
outlaw, Black Jack Ketchum in bars he owned in Springer and Cimarron, New
Mexico, during the late 1800's and early 1900's. These pics are good, but I
have more if we need more room.

Our unique architectural structure is quite a treat to enjoy while dining on our steaks, seafood, burgers, baby backs, and sandwiches.

We serve all fresh ingredients, never frozen. Fresh fries, fresh mushrooms, and zucchini or your choice of grilled veggies. After dinner, try one of our killer desserts, a collosal slice of NY cheesecake, blackberry cobbler, pumpkin pie, or our famous Kahlua brownie sundae.